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                                                                                             The University Campus


From the start, plans were made for the University to have its own independent campus. This is an area of about 220 ha (600 acres), just 10Km (6mi) outside the city of Patras. The University now consists of over 23 buildings with more under construction. Although a few departments still operate in prefabricated buildings as a result of the implementation of the University construction programme financed by the government. In the immediatefuture a new Conference Centre and a new Library will be completed. Within the campus, there is also the Regional University Teaching Hospital which functions both as the major regional medical centre and as a teaching facility for the Department of Medicine. Outside the campus, there is one satellite campus in the town of Agrinio and it is here that the Department of Economic Sciences is situated. 

As a result of the University construction programme, a number of buildings and institutions are either planned or under construction including the "Museum of Science and Technology", the "Botanical Garden", the new "Student Centre", the "Centre for Electron Microscopy", the "Instrumental Analysis Centre", and the "Centre for Genetic Diseases". Concurrently thereis a continuous project to upgrade and improve the landscape within the campus. 

Several other facilities are available on the campus including a gymnasium and a swimming pool, a nursery school, a primary and secondary school for the children of faculty and staff, a bank, and a post office. There are free car parks located all over the campus

Social and Academic Activities  

The University provides the forum for a constant stream of talks, lectures and speeches. These have beem a further encouragement by the recent creation of two lecture series. The Panepisthmiako Vima ("University Podium") provides a forum for lectures for the public of the city of Patras. The Politiko Vima ("Political Podium") provides a context for political speakers from the political parties to come and address the university community. 

In addition, in an effort to increase the interaction of the university with the community, several further activities have beenm recently established. These include an "Open University Week" and the establishment of the opportunity to "audit" university curses by members of the general public. Furthermore, an Office of University-Industry Collaboration and the Office of Public and International Relations have been created to further the role of the University in the local community, in industry and internationally

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