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The basic components of each Division are academic Laboratories. These are units established to promote the educational and research activities of each Division. These are the following: 

Laboratory for Combinatorial Algorithms - Director: S. Cosmadakis

Laboratory for Communication Networks - Director: E.Varvarigos

Laboratory for Computing (Computer Center) - Director: C.Zaroliagis

Laboratory for Databases - Director: D.Christodoulakis

Laboratory for Distributed Systems & Telematics - Director: P.Spirakis

Laboratory for Graphics, Multimedia & GIS - Director: A.Tsakalidis

Laboratory for Hardware & Computer Architecture - Director: D.Nikolos

Laboratory for High Performance Information Systems - Director: T.Papatheodorou

Laboratory for Information Systems & Artificial Intelligence - Director: P. Triantafillou

Laboratory for Microelectronics - Director: G. Alexiou

Laboratory for Pattern Recognition - Director: S.Likothanassis

Laboratory for Signal Processing and Communications - Director: K.Berberides

Laboratory for Photonic Networks and Technology - Director: K. Vlachos

Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics
University of Patras